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Even more reckless types might think twice about an office romance given the potential for trouble.Even if you’re pretty sure of mutual attraction, take it very slow indeed and make sure there’s longer-term potential: a short-lived fling that ends acrimoniously might be the worst outcome of all.Finding a new flame is always exciting, but when it’s three desks down and must be kept under wraps it can feel utterly irresistible.After all, there is no better way to spice up the daily grind.The aftermath of failed relationship can make the workplace absolute hell as there is no escape from each other.There’s also the danger of falling for the office serial dater. Look out for dagger-filled glares from previous conquests.

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Before you proceed, keep these points in mind: Aside from the obvious complications if they are your boss or vice versa, office relationships make managers uneasy because they almost certainly reduce productivity.If you have ambitions of a romantic relationship with a colleague then you need (a) to be very confident they feel the same way and (b) find a way to cultivate it outside the office.Sensitivities vary greatly between individual’s and one person’s flattering compliment by the photocopier is another’s lewd come-on.New love is distracting enough without the object of your affection being right in front of your eyes all day long.It should not have required the prolonged furore of #metoo to educate us on the basics of respectful boundaries in the workplace, but now there’s even less of an excuse.

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