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In addition to Santana being linked to the likes of Budden and Mena, she also dated Drizzy for a short time in 2013. If you have this question in your mind that who is Trey Songz dating now 2015 and also the questions like these what is the name of Trey Songz current girlfriend then we will let you know about that!

Early Life and Professional Career: Tremaine Aldon Neverson was born November on 28, 1984, he is also known as Trey Songz.Oh wait, in case you are wondering, he has hooked up with a Kardashian, of course, when you are a black man, handsome, successful, a rapper or athlete, it’s kind of hard to escape the grip of the beautiful Kardashian ladies whose last name has become synonymous with glitz and glam.In case you missed it, check out the beautiful women who have gotten down with the Hollywood hunk.However, they were rumored to have hooked up again in 2017 when they were spotted clad in matching t-shirts.This was one of his treasured relationships as she got the honor of meeting his mom, the second love interest to do so.

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