Who is louise lombard dating

How this came about is uncertain: in her lifetime, it was reported that a director for the studio scouted her at a dinner party, but more recent evidence suggests that Lombard's mother contacted Louella Parsons, the gossip columnist, who then got her a screen test. She later commented on her dissatisfaction with these roles: "All I had to do was simper prettily at the hero and scream with terror when he battled with the villain." She fully enjoyed the other aspects of film work, however, such as photo shoots, costume fittings, and socializing with actors on the studio set.

Paramount quickly began casting Lombard as a leading lady, primarily in drama films.Her profile increased when she married William Powell in 1931, but the couple divorced after two years.A turning point in Lombard's career came when she starred in Howard Hawks' pioneering screwball comedy Twentieth Century (1934).Keen to win an Oscar, Lombard began to move towards more serious roles at the end of the decade.Unsuccessful in this aim, she returned to comedy in Alfred Hitchcock's Mr. Smith (1941) and Ernst Lubitsch's To Be or Not to Be (1942)—her final film role.

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