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Not, this time, over vaccinations or fluoride or the New World Order.This tension seemed aimed at Houston family law attorney Bobby Newman, one of the two attorneys hired by Jones’s ex-wife.Throughout the protracted opening statement, as Newman jabbed his finger in Jones’s direction, the host looked livid. But this was court, and it wasn’t Jones’s turn to speak.As Newman described Jones’s ex-wife’s relationship to her children, Jones’s face turned an ever-deepening shade of crimson; his lips pursed into a tight frown and he shook his head.The content of his shows hasn’t changed much in terms of tone—today, he might go on the air to rant about the secret “gay bomb” the Pentagon has to compel people (and frogs) toward same-sex attraction; in 1997 he was going on television to rant about black helicopters watching Austin residents, but the gist is the same: Here’s a bizarre premise, unblinkingly reported, in which some unspecified “they” don’t want you to know the truth.His voice has grown harsher over the past couple decades—now it’s a full-throated rasp rather than his previous incredulous drawl—and his charisma now threatens to break through the screen.Spectators weren’t there to gawk at a custody trial, though—they were looking for something that wasn’t on the docket.

On that first day of testimony, Jones seemed ready to explode.When Newman noticed this, he seized on it, complaining to the judge.Judge Naranjo, who had never seen Info Wars before the case landed in her courtroom, twice cautioned Jones that there would be “no bodily comments” during Newman’s opening statement. Not Info Wars, the one that airs on over one hundred radio stations every weekday and streams on You Tube to two million subscribers—the one in which Jones has four unfettered hours to explain to his audience why, exactly, “there is a war on” for their minds.This version, rather, played out inside of the Honorable Orlinda Naranjo’s 419th District Court.

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