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Is it convenient and good app for life outside China?Hell no, I don't want and I don't need those features from Messenger, since we don't have blocked internet I can visit whatever website I want and use their services without state protectionism. I was impressed but now I'm kind of glad we don't have that kind of monopoly in the US.That would be illegal and, frankly, a PR fiasco in addition to a great way to lose user trust.3) It's against We Chat values to push mobile phone makers, distributors, or ROM publishers to preinstall We Chat for pay.In addition to being against We Chat values, it's also a big hassle as preinstalls require careful version management.Tecent also pushed very hard to third-party Android ROM publishers to pre-install Wechat.It's like 2-5 RMB per new user acquisition and the app can not be deleted unless rooted.Tencent put lots of effort striking deals with telecoms, ordinary IM startups might simply be blocked or Qo S'd to death."Amongst We Chat's many local competitors were equivalent messaging apps including China Mobile's "Feixin" messaging app and China Telecom/Netease's "Yixin".Both competitors, as officially published apps from the telcos themselves, had the ability to leverage free SMS messaging, an ability that We Chat did not have access to.

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We Chat actually feels very light and has a way better UI than Whats App and Facebook Chat - though they rather slowly now copy it from We Chat.

Even if the team is lean the article made the product seem very heavy, all-in-one.

I have a hard time seeing success with that in the west these days.

Feature-filled communities was definitely a big thing once.

I get that a partnered article won't cover these kinds of practices.

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