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He established the Lamp Testing Bureau, later to become the Electrical Testing Laboratories.

Over a century later, we maintain his ETL mark of quality, and continue to establish new standards in quality to protect consumers and our clients’ reputations across the world.

Second, QART commended Bethany for maximizing student success.

The team noted that students consistently perform well on standardized tests and upon entering college are known for their skills in writing and articulating their beliefs.

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When Thomas Edison released the wonders of electricity and the light bulb he wanted to ensure that his products were checked, tested and safe.

The administration will meet with Jo Ann Roscoe, QART chair and Director of School Improvement for East Allen County Schools, to begin designing this plan.

Hospitality is our core value, as embodied and expressed in the four guiding values of quality, respect, responsibility and spirituality.

To be the most impactful online tech platform for purpose-driven founders who want to scale their personal and business impact to unleash prosperity.

To realise our mission and vision, we recognize that we have different needs and desires, which we celebrate while adhering to our values.

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