Updating xbox 360 using a cd Felicia rose didon live cam chat

Insert the flat-edged screwdriver into the top left ventilation hole on the Xbox 360’s right side.

Wiggle the tip of the flat-edged screwdriver to release the plastic tab on the inside.

The procedure for flashing the replacement DVD drive is straightforward but time-consuming.

Place the Xbox 360 on the bath towel with the hard drive compartment facing up.

Xbox is a type of input component for a computer device to make the request along with the operating system.Download a DVD burning program to the PC’s desktop. Remove the screws from the side of the PC with the Phillips screwdriver. Plug the other end of the optical drive cable into the optical drive cable connector on the back of the Xbox 360 DVD drive. Place the DVD that was just burned onto the disc tray. Press any key on the keyboard when the onscreen text states “Spinning up disk...”Turn off the PC when the login menu appears on the screen. Press the “Eject” button again to close the disc tray. Navigate to the desktop in the new window that appears. Press the “Open” button on the window to close the window and return to the Xbox hard drive firmware program.Double-click on the program's icon when it has fully downloaded. Drag the Xbox firmware update file into the icon of the DVD burning program that is on the PC’s desktop. Stretch out the metal coat hanger with your fingers. Attach one of the hooks to a ventilation hole on the PC. Name the file that is to be saved “ROIG” in the “Name” column.Download an Xbox firmware update file to the PC’s desktop. Press the “Eject” button on the Xbox 360 to eject the DVD drive’s disc tray. Name the new folder “Xbox.”Double-click on the icon of the Xbox hard drive firmware program that is on the desktop to launch it.Double-click on the file’s icon to decompress the file onto the computer's hard drive for use later inside of an Xbox hard drive firmware program. Plug one end of the optical drive cable into the empty port socket that is on the extreme right side inside of the PC--the empty port socket is right next to another port socket which has a similar optical drive cable already in it. Put an Xbox 360 video game disc onto the disc tray. Quit Windows Media Player when it automatically launches. Select “Direct Drive Dump” from the drop-down menu below “Tools.” Click on the “Raw Dump Firmware As” button in the new window that appears.

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