Updating the wiikey

A picture of where the power connection is made can be found At this point if the breakout is soldered to the motherboard, you can simply connect the FFC from the breakout to the "HOST" connection on the Wiikey.Then connect the smaller FFC to the SD card adapter.The 3.43V pin can be connected to the 3.3V power supply on the GC motherboard directly.Although there are many locations with 3.3V I found it easiest to connect to the bottom of the board.Following the circuit schematic on the right, the view is from the top of the board with the memory card ports pointing towards you (or downwards on this page).The diagram to the right is not mine and was taken from the Mod Retro forum.

At the end, the motherboard should look like the picture on the right.In my opinion, the easiest thing to do is to insert the FFC into the NHD-FFC36 board and make sure that the FFC is in the right place first.I do not know of a standard 32 pin FFC breakout board and therefore am using this 36 pin one that was suggest in a forum.This process is also described on the same site and can be found . That's why I took the extra time to paint my Gamecube :).You should now be able to restart the Gamecube, and boot into the launcher, navigate to the game of choice and press A to load it. now you can put the cube back together and just leave the SD card accessible. In a few easy steps, you can make your Gamecube look cool as well with the Hylian symbol (assuming you have a gray cube like me)!

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