Updating emergency disaster map

If it is required that I spend the night away from home for whatever the situation, I am prepared, as I carry all the required gear that will keep me safe if I become stranded.If you have visited my website, and in particular my VE6AB ham radio galleries, you know that I have written about what you should have available to keep you and your family safe when a natural disaster or some other emergency should occur.A response like this engenders a sense of weariness and defeat.It has been endlessly repeated in history, yet human organisation, resources, science and technology are perfectly capable of improving it.Besides a very well equipped survival kit, I also have my go-kit (72 hr. If your not familiar with a 72 hour kit, it allows you to evacuate quickly if a emergency or disaster should strike.It is therefore prudent to gather all of the materials and supplies that might be required to do this into a single place, such as my go-kit described here.

Pakistan's President has described the catastrophe as "a test of the nation" and Jan Engelund, the chief disaster relief administrator for the United Nations called it "the worst logistical nightmare that the UN has ever faced."The world community's response to this pitiful situation has been, to say the least, sluggish.

I have hiked the cirque many times with my family in the past, and although the landscape in the cirque is quite stark, the views are superb and the hike may be one of the most popular in Kananaskis Country.

Of course it goes without saying that when I head down the road, I have my mobile loaded with all the essentials to keep me safe while visiting less populated areas such as the mountain parks at this time of the year.

I also carry a combination folding shovel/pick axe, as well as a snow shovel that packs away until needed, and a snow saw for building snow shelters.

If your someone new to assembling your first emergency go-kit, it can seem like a arduous task.

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