Updating access database using datatable penguin seal carbon dating

Close() End Sub Private Sub cmd Update_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles cmd Update. Update(dt) End Sub This class is required because, by itself the Ole Db Data Adapter cannot create the commands for DELETE/UPDATE/INSERT required to update new/deleted or changed row in your grid.

I've been perusing some hep forums and some help books but cant seem to get my head wrapped around this.

Add(new Ole Db Parameter("@field Name",row[field Name])); // eg: adapter. Select * is usually a poor option to specifying the column names and using aliases.

Add(new Ole Db Parameter("@guid",row["GUID"])); adapter. table.column Name (that fixes the problem in My SQL so maybe it does in Access) also, try putting [ ] around the column name.

I find that the Data Adapter is much more useful for filling datasets than for actually modifying a database. this makes working with your dataset and datatable much easier as you can access the column by its alias instead of by column indexes. For example use Select Column1 as 'Column1', Column2 as 'Column2' ....I get an Exception on certain tables that, after searching, I found Microsoft Support - Syntax Error. I believe it means that one of the column names uses a reserved word.

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