Updating a passport 8500 dating dos and donts apartment employee

The Suction Cups and Clips I think we are all waiting on something better than the suction cups that come with all detectors.There are ways to get a bit more life out of old ones, but in time you have to replace them. They are also rather good, at least they are not plastic.Some cases have a lot of clips and plastic hinges that just break even though the actual case will last forever.This is one area where if you like the canvas case, you get something much nicer than what comes with "higher-end" detectors.Under the case is the user manual, and in a side section is the Smart Plug. I think for the money a second set of spare suction cups would be nice.At least there are not several advertisements and flyers for hats or something.

This model has now been updated and replaced with the Escort Passport 8500 X50 Black.

The Manuals I have yet to encounter a radar detector manual that I think does a good job.

The manuals that come with the RX65 and the 8500 are not absolutely terrible though, and do an adequate job of explaining the basics, and a bit on how to use the detector. I would like to see the manuals a bit more thorough, but then again, I am one of the few people that will ever read one anyway.

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