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Most of the shopkeepers were from the state of Kerala, or were Indian Arabs, descendants of Arabs who had previously emigrated to India.It was also in the late 1960s that the Hindu Temple and first Indian schools were built for expatriate Indian families.The discovery of oil brought with it an influx of workers from India in the 1960s.Many came via sea, a trip of about three days from Bombay (now Mumbai) to Dubai.Indian migration to the UAE drastically increased in the 1970s and 1980s, with the expansion of the oil industry and the growth of free trade in Dubai.Annual migration of Indians to the UAE, which stood at 4,600 in 1975, rose to over 125,000 by 1985, and stood at nearly 200,000 in 1999.

“Such irresponsible acts will increase tension and conflicts in the region and expose its peoples to great danger,” Abdul Lateef Al Zayani said.The UAE on Sunday said that four civilian commercial cargo ships have been subjected to sabotage operations near the country’s territorial waters, east of the emirate of Fujairah, near regional waters and in the UAE’s economic waters, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) said on Sunday.The US Maritime Administration, which stressing the incidents had not been confirmed, warned shippers early on Monday to exercise caution when travelling past Fujairah, a port city on the eastern edge of the UAE on the Gulf of Oman.While most Indian migrants support the financial, manufacturing, and transport industries, a sizeable minority of migrants are involved in professional services and entrepreneurship.Relations between India and the UAE have traditionally been friendly.

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