Thailand dating trip report

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Blog about sightseeing, public transport and gay life in Thailand. May contain explicit description of homosexual activities and strong language as a stylistic means.

If that offends you, you can go here: Thai boys (16) Boyfriend candidates 1 and 2 (My requirements for a boyfriend should be read first.)I get asked regularly by Farang and Thai friends why I don’t have a boyfriend.

I am picky (see here) and there were innumerable disappointments in dating Thai boys, some of them reported in this blog (really only a tiny selection).

Last year (fourth year) there were no real candidates at all.

But then finally a reply, and I change my travel plans to go to see him in Phuket. Hugging and cuddling perfect as I like it, but sex so-so. He wrote to me on Grindr, and though not clearly my type, I agreed to meet because his profile looks interesting and he was in walking distance.

The reports range from day trips to 2-3 week long trips dating from 1999 to present.

Book Reviews contains reviews of a selection of bird watching and wildlife books that are useful to wildlife enthusiasts in Thailand.

Each birding location has its own species checklist available and there are a collection of trip reports to browse through for further information as well as links to blog postings related to each location.

Thaibirding also contains a collection of ornithological papers specifically relating to species recorded in Thailand as well as other birding related articles and book reviews.

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