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In fact, he might even be downright foreign to her American fans.Luckily, we've got all the details about her rumored romance, so you won't have to stay in the dark until Swift's next album drops.His father is a documentary filmmaker, so it seems obvious how Alwyn may have gotten interested in the entertainment industry.At the very least, his father's frequent travels likely sparked an interest in visiting new places for work—a must for any serious actor.Swift’s scathing track, “Last Kiss” for her album Forever and Always was a last minute addition to the album, following this break-up.Swift went on to date her co-star, Taylor Lautner back in 2009. Swift said they didn’t work out together because apparently he had more serious feelings than her.

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I love the idea that you lift the veil once you're married and it signifies becoming vulnerable and someone else's - just really uncovering yourself for someone.

Only two weeks later, Swift was spotted with Tom Hiddleston and needless to say the humiliated DJ deleted all trace of Swift from his social media.

Songstress Taylor Swift is dating again—but her new beau isn't as familiar as some of her never-ending list of past flames.

Now, he’s no Hollywood personality but Conor Kennedy is nothing short of an A-list celebrity. A source close to Conor said that Swift was “more obsessed with the idea of dating a Kennedy, than the actual Kennedy she was dating.”Dubbed as Haylor, Swift dated the One Directioner from October 2012 to January 2013.

The pair received immense amount of media attention, much more than they could handle and they broke up.

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