Tasya van ree dating 2016

She also designed T-shirts, which she calls "Die Wilder" and often wears for her public appearances.In several interviews, Tasya refers to her former beau, Amber Heard as her main muse.She might not be in the acting industry per se, but she isn’t an unknown face either.Tasya Van Ree is a 40-year-old artist, photographer and fashion label founder. Van Ree’s works are both formally vigorous and eternally evocative.She belongs to the Japanese as well as Dutch heritage.

She also owns a clothing line, "Intergalactic Girls Club" which makes T-shirts and Hoodies that ranges from - in price.On the other hand, her former girlfriend Amber Heard holds an estimated net worth of million.Similarly, she earns 0k-0k from her screen appearances. She is possibly single at the moment but previously she was in a relationship with model Caroline Vreeland during 2016.Her ultimate muse, is “the God in every one of us” and, through her designs, she aims to “uncover the true nature of people, the authentic self, so that they can be free and live life to its fullest capacity with no regrets.” She has over 60K followers on Instagram and little over 10K on Twitter.Think the former couple could pick up where they left off?

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