Sophomore dating freshman

To be clear – and you can probably tell this from the size of your scroll bar – this post is ginormous.

It isn’t the be-all-end-all guide to college, but there is a lot here.

That’s why I’m including this controversial tip: don’t do all your assigned reading.2014 update – I made a video that goes more in-depth on this tip: are few and far in between.

For the most part, you’ll have professors who present most of the important material from the text during class, and include most of what’s on the test in their powerpoint slides.

There are several apps out there that make this process easier: Being a Resident Assistant, or RA, is one of the best ways to get yourself through school on the cheap.

RA positions typically include a free room and meal plan, so getting one basically cuts your college expenses in half.

This is a tip that I didn’t necessarily have to learn from firsthand experience, but it’s something I’ve noticed a lot of students not doing, and I’m here to say they need to start.

In high school, your email account may not have held much importance to you; it was probably a landing zone for nothing more than spam, Runescape updates, and more spam. Your email is a critical communications channel, and important people in all different parts of your life are going to use it to contact you (especially your school).

Too often, I’ll talk to students who say they don’t check their school email even once a week.

In my experience, I’ve been able to safely quit reading altogether after the first test in most of my classes and still pull down epic test scores.

Once you’ve saved yourself a ton of time using this strategy, you can devote some of it to reading some actually useful When I started my sophomore year, I took a good look at my resume and said, “I NEED MOAR STUFF!

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