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The magistrates bound them over to the grand jury, and they were ordered taken to the jail in Jonesboro.

The hour being late, however, it was decided to hold them overnight in the church under a strong guard.

A store across from this site was rented and used as a court house. Another building was constructed on the same site, but it fell to a fire in 1878, a major one that destroyed most of downtown Jonesboro.

Soon afterward, another court house was constructed, and it still stands. Louis Southwestern Railway, known as the Cotton Belt Railroad was constructed through Jonesboro, with its tracks passing just north of the center of the city. Other major railways began to construct tracks to and from Jonesboro, including the St.

During the first train's journey, it became stuck and supplies had to be carried into town. Louis–San Francisco Railway and Missouri Pacific Railroad.

They began exploring, hunting, trapping, and trading with the local Indian tribes.

A permanent settlement of Jonesboro was set up shortly after 1815.

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