Setup ds admin pl error updating console conf

All IP addresses on a network should be unique within that network to avoid IP address conflicts.

Other common private IP addresses used by modems and routers are and

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Visit Stack Exchange Setting up Directory Server(389-DS) and Directory Server Admin Console on Cent OS 7 Since 389-DS is missing in yum repo of Cent OS7 presently and information related it not available.

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If you are using TLS/SSL, specify the TLS/SSL (LDAPS) port number (default 636) instead of the regular LDAP port number, and provide the CA certificate (in PEM/ASCII format). These username and password combinations are standard for each manufacturer.These are usually identified by a sticker on the hardware.Choose a setup type [2]: ============================================================================== Enter the fully qualified domain name of the computer on which you're setting up server software. Warning: This step may take a few minutes if your DNS servers can not be reached or if DNS is not configured correctly.If you would rather not wait, hit Ctrl-C and run this program again with the following command line option to specify the hostname: Computer name []: ============================================================================== The servers must run as a specific user in a specific group.

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