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It is consisting of 3 cylinders ø 150 x 150 mm high sliding separating plate and baseplate.The Penetration Apparatus for Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) provides a rapid assessment of static segregation resistance of self-consolidating concrete.

Dimensions: (Wx Dx H): 700x200x600 mm It is used to determine the sedimentation tendency of SCC.Dimensions (Wx Dx H): 275x30x320 mm It is used for determining the flow time tv of concrete, completely made from stainless steel Dimensions (Wx Dx H): 515x75x600 mm It is used for determining the filling ability of concrete.It is made of plexiglass with plastic baseplate, plastic filling tube and funnel, with barriers for simulating reinforcement.The certification is offered through ACI’s global network of more than 120 sponsoring groups in local concrete communities.“As the interest and use of self-consolidating concrete increased, it became clear to the industry that standardized test methods were needed,” said John Nehasil, Managing Director, Certification, American Concrete Institute.

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