Sedating antihistamines and asthma lance armstrong dating rockstar

Anaphylaxis usually occurs minutes after exposure to a triggering substance, mainly associated with food allergies, such as a peanuts or shellfish, but some reactions might be delayed by as long as 4 hours.How to treat an anaphylactic reaction: Anaphylactic reactions can be treated successfully if proper medical procedures are followed.While both types of medicine block the actions of histamine, they work on different receptors in different systems of the body.

It is thought that antihistamines block H1 receptors in the area of the brain which creates nausea in response to chemicals in the body.

Some antihistamines may also have what is known as an antimuscarinic effect.

This means that the medicine can also block another type of receptor found on the surface of certain cells.

While this is a helpful response, it also causes redness, swelling and itching.

Allergic reactions such as hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) are caused by an oversensitivity or over-reaction of the immune system to a particular allergen.

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