Rv interior updating redecorating 100 wvsexdateing

You can also use Beyond Paint to paint your furniture so wash any furniture you plan on painting. You can pick whichever color you like for your kit. Beyond Paint worked perfectly on the wainscoting in our camper’s living room and only required two coats (no need to prime! It even covered the cabinet door that had a glass inlay.

I was SO excited to try it out and really see how it worked and see if it lived up to all the hype.Let’s start out by talking about what prep work needs to be done before you start your RV makeover.First you’ll want to use a cleaner (Beyond Paint suggests Simple Green or a vinegar/water solution) that will de-grease your surfaces and clean all the built up dirt off of them.Before we decided to dive into , I did a LOT of research into painting RV walls, painting cabinets and even painting the faux wood cabinets in our camper.I discovered a product called Beyond Paint and it seemed to fit all of my needs for our RV makeover.

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