Rules of dating a soccer player

The following guidelines apply to the issuing of colored card penalties by the match referee: - A yellow card is issued for things such as persistent rule breaches, defying the referee's instructions, dissent and un-sporting behavior.- A red card is issued for more serious things such as spitting, deliberately attacking an opposition player and offensive behavior.

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Free-Kick Penalties If a player breaks a rule of the game during a soccer match then he is penalized and a penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team.Defending players - Otherwise known as the backline, these players are responsible for defending their goal from the opposition players and stopping them from kicking the ball into the net.Midfield players - These players have the most energy draining job on the whole field and must be very fit.The Card System Soccer rules include a colored card system for imposing penalties on any player that either persistently or deliberately breaks certain rules.If a player is given a card penalty the match referee does not actually give the card to the player, he simply places a mark on his match card alongside the players name to indicate that a card penalty was issued to that player.

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