Romantic dating ideas for married couples

This never gets old and is one of our absolute favorite at home date nights! Take the time to enjoy your wedding video together.

We don’t know about you, but we find ourselves cracking up at so many of the things captured on film that day.

This has been a life-saver in our marriage, particularly when our children were small.

Depending on the season and where we are living, we love to eat dinner outside under the stars with dimly lit candles.

We’ve had so many wonderful, life-changing conversations during our fashionably late dinners!

It’s the perfect time to dream and be close to one another.

They say ‘true love conquers all,’ but do you agree?

And let’s face it, this is something that can turn into a snowball fight which is another way to connect with the one you love! Head outside and enjoy leaping into piles of leaves.

It’s when we let go of the “adult” ideas in life that we find we have so much more fun with one another.

We have some small photo boxes where we store all of our memories…a perfect go-to for date night!

We don’t do this all the time but try to do it at least twice a year.

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