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Once you`re there, though, they will happily demand exactly what they want, be it attention, sex or commitment.In return you will get a loyal and affectionate partner who will throw herself whole-heartedly into making you happy.There`s a variety of men on offer here: lean, muscular, boorish and gentle. Incidences of sweet-talking for social climbing are apparent, and even if you`re both sincere ?A major problem is the glory and social status of hooking up with a ? expect to be accused of trophy hunting (or being trophy hunted) by some sour old women.==================================================================== Ecuador (by Robyn Leslie) ==================================================================== Men take pride in their masculinity in this country.

Boys definitely don`t cry here and feelings are something that belong to women.

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The area is known as the Isle of Athelney, because it was once a very low isolated island in the ‘very great swampy and impassable marshes’ of the Somerset Levels . They are now drained for agricultural use during the summer, but are regularly flooded in the Autumn/Winter and due to economic climate Spring as well.

Athelney is around 6 miles from North Petherton, where the Alfred Jewel (an Anglo-Saxon ornament dating from the late 9th century), was discovered in 1693.

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