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Warning: This work contains scenes of women having sex together, without men. People who complain to the authors here about the content of their stories are, IMNSHO, just like people who move next to the airport and then complain about the noise...

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With live sex cams, you’re guaranteed to meet plenty of sexy girls. Your hands move under my dress to cup my ass, and I feel your finger slip inside my thong.I moan as your fingertip dips into my wetness, and arch my hips forward, then back against your hand. You smile and say, "Just be patient, baby, we have plenty of time..." I smile back, and say, "I have a surprise for you, Amy..." You look at me.You are wearing a knee-length velvet dress, but it is slit all the way up one side to your hip.I press my body into yours, loving how your hands feel as they cup my ass and pull my hips tight to yours.

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