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The audience learns that this demon has devoured online personas before, stealing identities and gobbling up cam girls’ social handles by the dozen, but where exactly did the entity originate?

How exactly does it work, and what is its ultimate goal?

In a strange twist of events, somehow, a complete duplicate has replaced Alice on her show, and is live streaming in a much more exposed and carefree manner.

Now, Alice has to figure out how to out the imposter, reclaim her account, and end the charade once and for all, before this new and improved “Lola” steals absolutely everything Alice has worked so hard to achieve.

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takes the real-life implications of online sex work and douses it with genre familiarities that burn up the screen.

There’s a scene in the film where Alice calls the police and tries to explain how a stranger has stolen her identity, but when the cops show up, they don’t take her seriously, brushing the entire incident off, one officer even going so far as to come on to Alice and suggestively ask if she ever meets up with her clients in real life.

It’s a sickening moment, but a necessary one, as it highlights how often a sex worker’s claims of assault will be disregarded by people in power who don’t believe that these women can be sexually abused.

We're all competitive to some degree, but to what end?

As Alice, posing as "Lola," her stage name, gains further success, she unexpectedly gets closed out of her account.

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