Problems updating itunes and quicktime

I'm not sure if the two are connected, but i Tunes ran just fine before I installed Dreamscene, 3 weeks after installing Vista Ultimate. Never leave it to apple to accomplish anything worth accomplishing. is the link to the software download P. THe zune has WAY more features than my Ipod Video, It was completely worth selling. It was with the media being played through i Tunes or Quicktime. When I copied the file to an external NAS drive on the network at home, it plays perfectly. Hi all I got I tunes to work transferring all the videos on to another hard drive but I have been trying to find a fix for a while.(Could have been that I updated i Tunes at the same time and didn't realize it.)Anyway, thanks for everyones research, I would have never dug into my Desperate Housewives back episodes to make the connection between internal and external drive differences. I can transfer and watch my programs on my i Pod no sweat, but sometimes I want to kick back and watch them on my computer monitor. I noticed when I first got my new notebook all the voices were out of synch. I have Vista Ultimate and don't have the Dreamscape software. I eventually got fed up because then the webcam on my brand new HP Touchsmart PC was not working either and a few other things too.The video struggles to play and most of the time, itunes shuts down. But, in fact, my computer is brand new with 2gb of RAM and a dual core processor...there should be no issues playing this video. I am missing a lot of podcast becuase I simply don't have the time to sit behind my computer and view them.I also tried opening it in a standalone version of Quicktime but I'm getting the same issue. I welcome you all to the great i Tunes/Vista Video Problem. Everyone need to just keep calling apple until they get so sick of the calls that they fix it.I am wondering whether the Quick Time is the thing that is causing the problem now that Apple have updated I Tunes for the Apple TV. Apparently the only thing that works is putting the video files on a NON-Boot drive... I to am having similar problems with vista and itunes.I am not interested in reading all the bickering between people on the forum, some blaming Apple and some blaming Microsoft. Deselect Enable Direct3D video acceleration in the Video section I tested video after video on an external and an internal drive and it works... Any time I try to import video, or play it assuming it imported (2 out of 35) itunes will seize up.Hi everyone I'm having the same problem and I have a brand new HP Touchsmart PC.I downloaded ITunes 7 and it worked properly and I thought great.

I am wondering whether anyone else is having this problem.Zos So thanks to this thread, I can watch i Tunes video again on my PC. I finally got the Almighty zune, and i can watch the videos fine on it. Ihave found I sometimes have to re-encode some video's so they will transfer to the IPOD even though the video is in the ITUNES library.What I'm wondering is how many of you in this forum are running Vista Ultimate and indulging in the Dreamscene preview? try downloading the zune software to see if it works. s suggestion of disabling Direct X and Disable Direct3D video acceleration? Put me down as another who cannot play i Tunes videos from my Music folder on the C: drive.Itunes, quicktime just flat don't work and have crashed my machine several times. I have had the same problem, and found that if I play video (video podcasts, movies purchased from itunes) from the external HD that they played just fine, while when the are on the Operating system HD that they are still choppy.Usually happens when I try to do anything else while Itunes is running. Doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, and I hope that Itunes gets on this soon.

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