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Fourth, the nutrition comronent would help reduce the high rates of anemia among expectant mothers which are a major cause of low birthweights.

In a 1993 UNDP rankdig of 173 countries according to their level of human resources development, Burkina ranked 170th. The economy is dominated by the agricutural sector, which accounts for about 30% of GDP, generaes over 60% of export earnings and employs almost 90% of the economically active population.

To address this risk, the Goverment has, prior to negotiations, developed a-d begun to implement an action plan, acceptable to IDA, to eosute the required redeployment and that the peonnel concerned reman where posted and carry out their assigned responsibilities.

The second risk is that tesistance to redeployment of doctors and other medical staff into ural areas will prevent adequa staffing of district health centers.

lan IDA 29.2 GOV 2.0 Kf W 4.1 UNICEF 3 TOTAL 38.9 Estimated IDA Disbursements: US$ million. The Federal Republic of Germany will contribute approximately US.1 million (up to the equivalent of 9 million DM) and UNICEF will contibute US.6 million in parallel cofinancing during the period FY95-FY99.

iii BUR1A ESO HIEALT AND NUTRMON PRO13a SYl AND PRORECT cos Z (US$ million)' ESTIMATED BASE PROJECr COSTS 2 LOCAL FOREIGN TT Jmprove Quality of Hea Mth Servies Reduce icrnutrient Defidiencds Achieve Control of Endemic Parasitic Diseases 0.6 It S 1.1 Stengthen the Mnistry of Health (MSASF) TOTAL BASE COSTS Physical Contingencies Price Contingencies TOTAL IPROJECT COSTS S FS4g I! 1.2 Total project costs are estil-ted at US.9 million equivalent (net of taxes and duties), with a foreign exchnge compown.. lhe Government and local communies would contribute US.0 million.

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