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Though we went our ways after several years, I still write to one pal who I've been writing to over 17 years now.I also had limited success with Sassociations and Interpals over the years. I learned very early on that I'm not satisfied with short notes, minimal effort and one sided conversations, so that makes pals harder to find.But when I do, they last, as evident by the 17 year long pal still going strong, other pals in the past lasted 5-6 years before life got between us.

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Off Reddit, I have 3 long time loyal long lettered pals.

Now, one out of five answers, besides another penpal I have for about a year. And yet, I warned them that I tend to write long letters. That seemed to work better than the typical "OMG we have so much in common" penpals.

Sometimes I see cool posts around here, but I think twice before sending a message, as it is so sad to eventually be ghosted - even a kind notice, a simple "hey, I can't do this anymore" would be better than that! Overall, I've had a wonderful penpal journey, from the time I was young through now. So far, not too good, but I've only just put up my own ad and only responded to about 5? I had the best of luck with an old guestbook site called "Long Letter Ladies" and actual met several.

I've had it happen where I've messaged someone that seemed long lettered from one thing or another that they've said. When I first posted here, about 5 people messaged me.

I send this long rambling thing and they respond to one or two things, if that, and just with a sentance. I answered all of them and we kept a steady correspondence for about a month (it was weekly exchange). We don't write about anything particular, just shit we have going on in our lives.

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