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Sunny Rest owners are also active members of the Lehigh Valley Chamber & Visitors Bureau.Halsie says she grew up accepting all kinds of people, without any prejudice, with no concern about how they look. It teaches kids that nudity and sex are two different things. Walk into a grocery store and that’s the kind of mix you find here.Click the Quick Info Quick Facts data are derived from: Population Estimates, American Community Survey, Census of Population and Housing, Current Population Survey, Small Area Health Insurance Estimates, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, State and County Housing Unit Estimates, County Business Patterns, Nonemployer Statistics, Economic Census, Survey of Business Owners, Building Permits.The former president of a volunteer fire company in Carbon County was arrested last week on charges that he had inappropriate sexual contact with a teen who was previously abused by another fire company volunteer, Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro announced Monday.

Some estimates presented here come from sample data, and thus have sampling errors that may render some apparent differences between geographies statistically indistinguishable.

My writer friend, Jill Gleeson and I are uncertain about so many aspects of this nudist camp weekend get-away that we are about to embark on, and what to pack is just the tip of the iceberg. We are thrilled that the other has consented to go along on this “life moment.” You might not understand what the big deal is for a woman who has been a life drawing nude model for decades but I am still unsure of what this whole nudist camp will be like. Sunny Rest Nudist Resort is located in the Poconos outside Palmerton, PA near the Appalachian Trail- only half an hour away- another whole world so close to my doorstep. We have to walk across the pool area nude.” “Really? So we do it, our towels clutched to our fronts and saying hello and smiling to anyone whose eyes meet ours.

It has been in operation since 1942 and the current owners have recently celebrated their 68 year. In the pool, we submerge to our necks for the air is chilly and the jet bubbles mask what lies beneath. Others hear our conversation and move closer, drink in hand, and ask to join in the conversation.

When I ask the resort owner, Myra this question, she tells me the camp’s motto…

“Nude when possible, clothed when necessary.” I could interpret the “necessary” part multiple ways.

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