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Alison Lapper has opened up about the tragic lead up to her son Parys's death earlier this month.She said the 19-year-old (left, a 14-year-old Parys with Miss Lapper at their home in West Sussex) had suffered depression and anxiety before turning to drugs to cope with the torment of classmates who called her a 'crip'.Miss Lapper, who was born without arms and with shortened legs, became one of the most famous pregnant women in Britain when artist Marc Quinn made a sculpture of her that stood in Trafalgar Square, London (inset).She has now detailed how her son's reclusive teenage years became dark and spiralled into a life of drugs and depression following social media pressure from his peers.The meeting will kick off a frenzied week in Parliament that could decide the fate of the UK.MPs are set to try to seize control of the Commons agenda to pass a law stopping the country from crashing out of the EU, with the votes looking nailbitingly close.To her surprise, when the order was completed she found that the cup was returned with what appeared to be the word 'Hippo' on the side.

The Renault Academy driver, who had been competing in his first season in the high-octane sport's second tier, rammed into the barrier trying to avoid a suspected out-of-control car.

She says she hasn't done anything since then but says that's the nature of the industry.

North Korea has been left begging for extra cash from Chinese backers after its missile test sight turned beach resort has been delayed again.

Meanwhile, a poll has underlined the growing appeal of an election if Parliament does block Brexit, suggesting the Tories could win a majority of 28 seats (right).

John Bercow is to be booted for his 'blatant Brexit bias' by Tory MPs at the next election.

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