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Other safes can be concealed in a wall or anchored in a concrete floor.

Water resistance Protection against water tends to be an added feature of home safes that are also fire- or theft-resistant.

A TL-15 rated safe, for example, can withstand an attack of at least 15 minutes using common tools.

While most home safes don't carry a rating for burglary resistance, they do, as a practical matter, provide some protection. Mc Goey, a security consultant in Los Angeles, says that burglars generally go for what they can grab in one run through a house.

A fairly common home-safe capacity is 1.2 to 1.3 cubic feet, which should easily accommodate a foot-high stack of 8½- by 11-inch papers, for example.

Most home safes are designed to protect their contents from fire, theft, or both. We don't test safes here at Consumer Reports, but many are tested by independent organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek (which uses the ETL mark).

Where to put it The best place for your safe will depend on the design of your house, but there are some trade-offs worth considering.

The master bedroom tends to be the first stop for burglars, according to Mc Goey, so it might not be the ideal site for the safe.

To determine their burglary-resistance ratings, UL testers go at safes with tools, torches, and even explosives, Drengenberg says.

Dale Soos, an engineer with Intertek, says his organization confers a "verified" mark on safes that meet their manufacturers' criteria for water resistance.

Some safes are submerged to simulate the effects of a flood or broken water line.

What they cost For about and up you can buy a fire chest, smaller than a safe but still large enough to hold a stack of documents.

Safes in the range of 1.2 to 1.3 cubic feet cost about 0 to 0.

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