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#Believe Survivors— Bumble (@bumble) September 24, 2018 Online dating has provided a means for and in many cases, a safe space for women to explore who they are and what they want out of their romantic and sexual relationships.

In a blog post by Health Policy Fellow Caila Brander for the National Women's Health Network entitled “Young Feminist — Dating Apps: Finger Swipes as a Silent Act of Feminism,” Brander asserts that dating apps have empowered her because of the choice and mutual investments both parties are required to make.

(that are) more all encompassing and more based on the connections that women make with other people whether they be women, men, trans-women, trans-men or non-gender conforming." Dating apps also allow women to be more specific, honest and upfront about what they want in relationships.

Traditional dating often relies on making good first impressions and avoiding the discussion of sensitive topics and issues.

Bumble specifically was made to give women the agency in online dating as it requires women to express interest first, and they must be the first to message their match within a 24-hour time period or the match expires.

This current culture of online dating especially empowers women in college because it gives them more agency and choice in their interpersonal relationships than they had in pre-Tinder times.

The site is free to join, and once you fill out your information and criteria, you can start searching (e.g., by age and location) for matches as well as receiving them.

Between Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and other dating apps, the options are endless, and so are the people using them.

According to Marlon Bailey, associate professor of Women and Gender Studies at ASU, online dating allows women to pursue feminist principles and ideals that were not as accessible as before.

“Feminism has created discourse and a means by which women can focus on themselves and have agency in their relationships, endeavors and pursuits,” Bailey said.

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