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Unfortunately from the minute we opened our presents that Christmas morning, she grabbed Aunt Greta's annual sweater gift from under the tree, put it on and never seemed to wear anything but high necked clothes through May of the next year.Her bedroom door was closed whenever she was in her room, the en-suite bathroom meant she never left her bedroom in any outfit but fully dressed.We don't have a lot of money; I was pushy & annoying and relentless so all I got for Christmas last year was a digital camera.I am not sure if my mom suspected I wanted the camera to photograph her preferably naked, semi-nude or at least showing some skin.

"Whatever happened to that camera I bought you for Christmas?

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" "Mom, that's my camera, it was a gift, how you can you sell it?

" "Don't panic sweetie, I'm just saying, if you aren't going to use it, why not make some cash before it's obsolete." I watched as mom's cleavage moved before me, she was leaning over to put knives & forks out across our dining room table and I could see the beautiful gap between her sexy breasts. I jumped up, ran to my room, found the camera & accessories in the original box and started charging the battery in a wall outlet.

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