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It’s allowed me to honor myself and who I’m dating, a way of saying, “I care about myself enough to be here with you fully.

Jeff serves on the board of several organizations including his alma mater Georgetown University, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts high school, and The Greater Good Council of Las Vegas. Oz, Meredith Vieira, Nick Cannon, Darius Rucker, Chris Angel, Marie Osmond, John Schneider and more have shared their trials, triumphs, and tears that have led to their miracles.

I was reclaiming a sense of my own femininity and independence in my sexual prowl, and unabashedly dating multiple men with excitement, wonder, and sensuality.

I had a new identity: single thirty-something woman in San Francisco.

Yet I was showing up on dates already having drunk two glasses of wine only to drink two more. Upon closer inspection, these behaviors were perpetuating old fears of not being enough and an old belief that I could not be seen or held if I were authentic.

So in an unconscious effort to protect myself, I dated narcissists, hid behind alcohol, and had premature sex to create what I concocted to be intimacy but was actually just drunk sex with strangers.

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    ARAM 'VEESER Contents Acknowledgments Introduction by H. Li[erary Criricism and the Politics of [he New His[oricism Eliubeth FO%-Genovese 213 Class~ 15 Is rberc Class jn this 16. Several of the conuibutors came to the project by way of rwo Modern Language Association special sessions that I organized: "'The New Historicism: Political Commitment and the Postmodem Critic" (1~86), with Gayatri Spivak, Richard Terdiman, Elizabeth Fox Genovcse, and Dominick La Capra; and "Professionalism, Political Commitment, and the North Ameri C"an Crilic" (1985), with Steven Mailloux, Paul Bove, Gerald Graff, Donald Pease, and Stanley Fish.