Messianic dating under the huppah broken

This goblet was created especially for the treasured moment when the BRIDE and GROOM sanctify their marriage.

This ancient practice has been interpreted in many ways.

May the breaking of this glass remind you of the fragility of human relationships.

A broken glass cannot be mended, and likewise marriage is irrevocable.

It can no more be undone than this glass could be made whole again.

Cherish each other with the love and respect the love of your life deserves.

The glass is broken to protect this marriage with the implied prayer.”May your bond of love be as difficult to break, as it would be to put back together these pieces of glass.”Knowing that this marriage is permanent, the Bride and Groom should strive every day to show each other love and respect and happiness.

After GROOM breaks the glass, I invite everyone to shout the Hebrew words Mazel Tov,” meaning Good Luck” and Congratulations.”BRIDE and GROOM, this glass symbolizes the clarity of your love for each other and the shattering of your old separate lives as you begin anew together.

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It is a Jewish custom to end the wedding ceremony with the breaking of a glass. Some people say that the breaking of the glass symbolizes the irrevocable change in the lives of the couple standing before us; other say it has its roots in superstition when people broke glasses to scare away evil spirits from such lucky people as the bride and groom.As a symbol of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, the glass reminds us of sadness even in during the most joyous of occasions.Another view is that a broken glass cannot be mended and this reflects the permanence of marriage.The bride and groom – and everyone —that they should consider these marriage vows as an IRREVOCABLE ACT.Just as permanent and final as the breaking of this glass is unchangeable.

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