Lynn koplitz dating show

check out my new website: is a graduate of Troy State in Alabama.

She moved to New York with theatre on her mind but turned to stand-up comedy after trying it on a whim.

From the opening minutes, there’s something about Lynne Koplitz’s voice and look that evokes the late, great Joan Rivers.

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Unabashed, menopausal New Yorker and self-proclaimed lifelong bachelorette, Lynne Koplitz offers advice to men and comfort to women dealing with hormones in her first Netflix comedy special.

Koplitz also has her own half-hour special, Comedy Central Presents: Lynne Koplitz, currently in rotation on Comedy Central.

Koplitz is also currently featured in one of the "What's Funny About That Time of The Month" series of advertisements for Midol, with the "Sick Boyfriend" installment.

Koplitz performed a regional theatre group in Knoxville, Tennessee, before moving to New York City.

Koplitz is one of the comedian contributors to the "History of The Joke" on the History Channel, hosted by Lewis Black.

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