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So some amount of experimentation should be done to choose the value of y.

Therefore, for example, a 10KΩ potentiometer can be adjusted to give the resistance range from almost 0Ω to 10KΩ by adjusting the potentiometer knob. The only way to adjust resistance values would be to physically take out the fixed resistor in the circuit and replace it with a fixed resistor of the desired value.Increasing or decreasing the value of resistance controls the amount of current flowing in a circuit.The potentiometer is used in various electronics, for example: is used as volume knob in music systems, as fan regulators etc.For example, you want to bias a transistor to an exact potential which in turn relies on resistance, you can use a trim pot to get the exact voltage (by changing the resistance) and then forget about it.One might have to use a screwdriver to change the resistance which might not be very convenient but this way it is difficult to change the resistance once you have set it to the desired resistance.

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