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I wanted to focus on this site, so that I could post regularly for you guys rather than squeezing out one article a month because travel was vacuuming my time and energy.

I made the decision to find a home base three years ago, but it actually took me two years to find the perfect place. I’d travelled for so long and fallen in love with so many places, that I simply couldn’t choose just one.

Thanks to our British passports, we can both legally work and live in any EU countries, and I’d be able to get a partner visa for Australia or New Zealand fairly easily through Dave.

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Back in 2011, I stepped on a plane with the dream of traveling the world for a year.

I thought I’d follow the gap year rite of passage for 12 months, have the time of my life, then head home to rejoin the real world.

Unexpectedly, several months into this adventure, I turned this little travel blog into a business, began to make money from it, and realised that I didn’t have to ever go home. I travelled and I travelled and I saw some incredible sights and I met some incredible people. Continuous travel, it turned out, was not sustainable for me. Somewhere familiar to return to to decompress after trips.

This helped drastically lower the number of places for our potential base.

I’m British and Dave’s from New Zealand, but he also has a British passport.

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