Listview itemupdating event not firing chris isaak dating history

Here's the updating code: As per Robert's suggestion, the answer to this is that an uncaught exception in the code's execution prevented the event from firing.Since Visual Studio was not catching it, I found it out by going through the ULS logs.Actually, I'm developing dynamic template using and c#.

Thanks Stijn Public Sub lv Projects_On Item Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

My problem lies with the itemupdating event handler: I am unable to retain the changed checkbox states. Value, rpt Depts) End Sub Protected Sub lv Depts_Item Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

I rebind the nested repeaters, but this seems to overwrite the checkbox states that were set during editing. List View Edit Event Args) Dim rpt Depts As Repeater = lv Projects.

Data Bind() 'update project bll Project.update Project(itm Project, lbl Test) 'unset edit status lv Projects.

Text & " was successfully updated." 'rebind bind Projects() End Sub ' MARKUP ------------------CODE BEHIND-------------------------------- using System; using System.

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