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C.) has been the subject of considerable debate concerning the origins of metallurgy (1), the emergence of specialized pastoralism (2), the development of craft specialization, formalized trade (3), temple precints (4) and other aspects of culture change in the period which precedes the establishment of the first Early Bronze Age cities in Palestine. In general, raw data and detailed discussions of theory are not included here. Gone are the days of awkward conversations at bars and bad blind dates set up by well-meaning friends.These top dating sites give you a chance to essentially test drive your matches before you meet in person. In 1982, a multi- disciplinary expedition was initiated to study these and other problems at the Shiqmim village and mortuary complex located in the northern Negev desert of Israel (fig. Located along the semi-arid/arid northern Negev interface, the Shiqmim village-mortuary complex presents an ideal outdoor laboratory for investigating all of these problems. However, relatively few research projects have been designed specifically to examine these kinds of questions at one research locale. 9.5 hectares) village site is associated with the only known Chalcolithic burial ground in the Negev to date. Talk and get to know each other before committing to spending time together in the real world.This saves you time and ensures that who you choose to date already meets your most important qualifications.

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​Online dating sites are the perfect place to meet your match and even find your soulmate!This on going project is sponsored by the Israel Department of Antiquities and Museums. The project has been funded by generous grants from the National Geographic Society (8) and is affiliated with the American Schools of Oriental Research. This work was carried out under the auspices of the Israel Department of Antiquities. In 1982, the large scale multidisciplinary research project was initiated.

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