James roday dating juliette dating before proposing

"The truth is the basis of Shawn and Juliet's relationship is their work. So in that sense, they've always been kind of a team and not a lot changes there. I think the fans will be pleased that we're serving the relationship, but not at the expense of any of the other stuff that they've come to love and expect." However, putting Shawn and Juliet together will still come at a cost to Gus (Dulé Hill). He just panics, and his mojo and his drive for companionship goes into overload," Roday says.

Now that he has to share his long-time partner-in-crime with Juliet, Gus will have more time to dwell on his own personal relationships. "He's not even sure of what he wants; he just knows he wants something.

It's basically him saying, 'Wait a minute, I don't want to be the guy that's left without a chair when the music stops.'" Check out Hill had to say about his on-screen partner's new relationship: Gus' sudden bout with loneliness comes just as he and Shawn will begin to become more aware of their own mortality.

"Like all men, there comes a point where you have to acknowledge that, 'OK, we're not that young anymore.

Like a band that gets back together past their prime.but it's still worth it to them." Shawn and Gus may be feeling growing pains on-screen, but the series is showing no such signs of aging.The Season 6 premiere was up eight percent from last fall's premiere (2.99 million viewers) and the mystery-comedy is now USA's longest-running show on the air.I think they were drifting apart for a long time, because even though he proposed, Shawn was still stalling to settle down.(The impossible task of finding the ring-- without breaking any legs.)I just watched the movie for the first time the other day. Seemed like Jules was just mad at Shawn for nothing, then it seemed like she had some sort of knowledge about what was happening, then didn't believe Shawn when he mentioned that he saw "The crimes of Juliet" page (to me meaning she didn't know what was happening) , then was all happy at the end.

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