Jackson ashley dating

Up until this point, the photos of the two were enough to spark some rumor headlines on outlets, but no reports of their officially dating came out from sources.August 18, 2018: Delevingne celebrated her 26th birthday and posted a series of snaps on her Instagram from her celebration.December 19, 2018: The breakup rumors are put to rest when pictures surface of Delevingne and Benson spending time together in London to celebrate Benson's birthday.The rumored couple spent an adorable day in the city riding rollercoasters at Winter Wonderland and later on, spent the night at the night at London's Natural History Museum.source confirmed that the pair are indeed dating and that things for the couple were going rather well. This is the first girl she’s ever dated," the source said.

But while a full kiss-on-the-lips is the most direct sign the two have given paparazzi that they're dating, they've spent the last nine months hinting there was something between them. May 1, 2018: Delevingne and Benson were first photographed by paparazzi leaving a Lauryn Hill concert together at the Apollo Theater in New York City.August 1, 2018: In a signal things remain good between Delevingne and her definite friend and rumored past girlfriend Paris Jackson, Jackson posts a sweet message of support to Delevingne on her Puma refugees campaign ad.August 8, 2018: Entertainment Tonight reports that Benson and Delevingne were seen out at Sofitel LA Riviera 31’s Salsa Nights in Los Angeles, celebrating Delevingne's birthday early.Of the pictures, she posted photo booth selfies of her surrounded by friend.Benson, her rumored girlfriend, is pictured among on of the many ladies in the snap., the actress said "I mean it’s hard, I don’t know, you kind of can’t get away from that if you’re in the public eye.

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