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I know, you're all so disappointed that it's not sasugasugoi because she's so much more awesomer than me, but I'm not bad!

Anyways, this is my start of being her co-author, so I'll be posting a review for Yo-Jin-Bo, I'll try to make it as spoiler-free as possible. Yo-Jin-Bo was published by the company Two-Five and was actually released in English in North America by the Hirameki International Group, which sadly went bankrupt and withdrew from game production.

And that's what I thought at first too, just a creepy guy who wears bandages that look like S&M bondage tape. And once you get to know him, maybe you won't think he's so creepy after all.

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She then asks for your help and you're slipped into a dream and find out that the girl is Princess Hatsuhime and that you've switched bodies with her!Story: The story was great in itself, who doesn't love a good feudal Japan story filled with samurai and ninja?You could argue that it wasn't that original or creative, but the characters more than make up for it.He really hates being treated like a kid despite him being the youngest.He loves making fun of Jin and is super cute when he gets all strung-up!

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