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To impress Thaya Jaan, and support their Imam, Amina’s parents tell Amina and her older brother, Mustafa, that they must complete in their mosque’s upcoming Quran recitation competition.

Mustafa, who wants his parents to let him play high school basketball, agrees willingly.

The thoughts of kneeling and slobbering all over this super fat, uncut cock has gotten me pretty excited.

There are several interesting characters she meets as she gets to know people in the town, and I loved her creative plans for saving the pie shop!

A fun read, especially if you like baking or baking shows!

Amina is unhappy that her best friend, Soojin, has recently started inviting Emily, a classmate neither of them have ever liked, to spend time with them.

At home, Amina’s family is getting ready for the visit of Thaya Jaan, her father’s older brother, from Pakistan.

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