Intimidating tactics

The top five scariest bosses that employees wouldn’t like to report into this Halloween: “While intimidating bosses may make tough interviewers, candidates agree that their toughness would make them good people to work for.

While the nicest person in the world might be fun to work with, our study has found employees don’t think they are necessarily the best people to learn from, which is what employees are looking for in a boss.“On the flipside, the people employees least want to work for are those who seem to go through staff quickly and experience a high team turnover.

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The Trump administration, which remains in its infancy, has already gone through a Chief Strategist, a Chief of Staff, an FBI Director, a Deputy Assistant and two Communications Directors, so it is perhaps unsurprising that Trump should top the list.New research by leading jobs board, totaljobs has revealed that more than a quarter (26%) of employers believe that creating an uncomfortable environment for candidates at interview can sometimes be justified to see how candidates handle pressure.The findings help shed a light on how recruiters can help their candidates prepare for interviews and the potential challenges that they may face during the process.However they misjudged him: Harvey recognized their approach and used humor to diffuse the tactic.Nobody likes to work in an intimidating work environment.

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