Hibernate saveorupdate is not updating

Is there any list of features / fixes / compatibility issues for Hibernate 3 w.r.t. I looked in the Hibernate 3 manual, on the main Hibernate site, and in the wiki, but I didn't see any such thing... We generally discourage the use of the two-argument form since it may be used to create primary keys with business meaning.Ho boy, I bet this question has been answered millions of times, but searching the forums turned up so many irrelevant posts that I gave up.Basically, when should I use Save Or Update versus Flush?I have two many-to-many associations between Subscriber and Publication: (class Subscriber): Notes:(1) There are no cascading operations;(2) I'm aware that this might not be the most performant mapping, and it's possible that one end of these might get changed to a bag/list... The user is presented with a form containing a checkbox for each available publication.When the form is submitted, we get a new session, re-attach the Subscriber object, and iterate through the available publications processing the value of the checkbox.Publication#4]@4000000042546b3504681aec ,068 DEBUG Loader:405 - result row:@4000000042546b3504add67c ,073 DEBUG String Type:68 - returning '4f2252b203194e5a0103195114600001' as column: [email protected] ,628 DEBUG Session Impl:1363 - save Or Update() previously saved instance with id: [email protected] ,630 DEBUG Session Impl:1411 - updating [com.wrinkledog.phydeaux.model.Publication#4]@4000000042546b35272e634c "file:/Volumes/data1/wd/projects/LPEA/phydeaux/dev/webapp/modules/fido/flow.js", line 38: uncaught Java Script exception:@4000000042546b35272e7ea4 at subscribe (file:/Volumes/data1/wd/projects/LPEA/phydeaux/dev/webapp/modules/fido/flow.js, Line 38):@4000000042546b35272e8e44 hibernate.

One version takes a class object and will load the state into a newly instantiated object. ),837 DEBUG Session Impl:220 - opened session at timestamp: 12214442068,838 DEBUG Identifier Value:104 - id unsaved-value: null,839 DEBUG Abstract Save Event Listener:523 - detached instance of: Service Registry; public class Employee Save Or Update Example Hibernate: select employee_. Can anybody help me work out the solution to this problem?Thanks,— mark Well, I've made zero progress on this problem... I guess I will try upgrading to Hibernate 3, and seeing if that magically fixes the problem.

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