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(not with each other lol)I wouldn't like DS to do the same. She had a few students get PG in year 8.scoutster~ I don't think it matters.I DTD for the first time at 18 and I'm happy with that My nephew is 16 and I'm sure he hasn't and niece is nearly 21 and starting to get a complex because she hasn't either. BTW my niece and nephew are both bright, happy, good looking, popular kids who aren't religous in any way. I have a 13 yr old DSD and while I am pretty confident she isnt having sex (she just isnt that into boys) there was a girl in her year who fell pregnant at the end of last year (year 7 high school). FWIW one of the PG teenagers on 60 min's was successful, bright & from a Christian home.Not one of the people that I know had sex somewhere they weren't allowed to be.

Well DP and my XP both had sex for the first time at 14!! She could tell by the way they spoke (that's the things she heard, would be worse what they say when adults aren't around). ETA- the 60 minutes link- 60 minutes Edited by i-am-woman, 21 April 2008 - AM.It is a bit like everything though, you will always get the exception to the rule, I am sure the majority of 12 years olds are not having sex.For those who say it wouldn't be their kids, I bet the parents of these kids didn't know either.And kids will find time and opportunities to be alone with people of the opposite sex, whether their parents think they do or not.

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