Game theory dating

If he advances the eye contact, I will reciprocate further based on his advance. You can not prove that the girl across the room smiling at you is not interested.If he changes body positioning and distances himself it sends a clear signal of disinterest. A guy can also use eye contact and evaluate his prospect with the same accuracy. Smile back and if she keeps smiling, then she has some attraction toward you.If both players act aggressively and prolong a stalemate, neither opponent will win.Much of this can be applied to attraction, relationships, and the filtering of suitors.So they teach the victim mentality and discourage self-contemplation, actively ignoring self-improvement as the key to finding the best partner.If dating books actually told the truth they would be out of business!

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It is the most vulnerable signal in the game of attraction.

Both genders paint themselves as superior and thus justify manipulating the other sex.

They see the opposite sex as the great enemy that only wants to use them for personal gain.

Now with tit-for-tat, once I make eye contact with a man more than once, I wait to gauge his interest. While using game theory you can escalate or return each of the signals of attraction. The importance is paying attention to those around you, giving these signals, and deciding how you want to reciprocate.

He will either initiate more eye contact or not at all. If he returns more eye contact, I will return more eye contact. All of these signals can openly be displayed without fear of real rejection.

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