Facial hair dating

Yes, people will come up to your guy when you’re out and commend his beard—the way it is groomed, the depth and breadth of it, mesmerized, ask him for tips on how he does it, etc.—like he’s a beard god of some sort. (And when/if he shaves, you’ll be the first to notice and miss all that facial hair!

You may get a bit insecure, or you'll feel his popularity rub off on you. )Yes, guys who shave spend time shaving, but men with beards tend to spend a lot of time with their beards (24/7, in fact) and treat their beards like a child, an additional appendage.

Things are about to go to the next level until something kind of hairy stops you in your tracks. The scene: you're passionately making out with your boyfriend. So I imagine you dolls know what I'm talking about. Sometimes it gets all mountain-man wild and then we run into trouble. The beard hairs tickled the tip of my nose and then BAM sort of poked around up in my nose and caused me to jump back.

Things are about to go to the next level until something kind of hairy stops you in your tracks. And plenty of you said that your fellows were huge fans of growing out beards during No-shave November (or Movember if that's how you prefer to roll).

There are also studies that say the exact opposite and claim that women actually prefer clean shaven men.

Seems like someone somewhere probably has an agenda but that’s not really all that important.

I find there are two types of people: beard-lovers and beard-haters. But most women (and men) that I speak to either love facial hair on their mate… Whether hipsters continue to make beards popular, or celebrities do, we cannot take more than a few steps without seeing someone, somewhere sporting one.

When you're dating a man with a beard, you're surely aware that beards are everywhere.

If you’re sitting there saying “facial hair doesn’t define your manliness” fair point and good for you.

Some admirers may be flirtatious, though most will probably just being giving him a good, old-fashioned compliment. They will trim it, groom it, wax it, get every hair just right…

So, you may compete for bathroom time or your boyfriend’s time, in general—You vs. After all, his relationship with the beard has probably been longer than the one he has with you. You’ll come over to catch your man sitting on the couch, one hand on a beer, the other on his beard, stroking it over and over again.

They come in all shapes and sizes—thin, thick, patchy, full—and some even compete for prizes.

Real Men Real Style (RMRS) has “A Man’s Guide to Beards” that differentiates the one-month beard from the three-month version from the year-long one.

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